Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS

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Sir Patrick with Ptolemy
The late Patrick Moore was the UK's longest-serving media darling, host of The Sky at Night, which was launched in 1957 and recently aired its 700th episode.
Astronomer, former spy and – best of all – a cat guy, Patrick was tutored at home due to a heart condition, so had little contact with children of his own age. However, loneliness was not a problem for him:
“My boyhood was unusual. I can’t recall a single friend until I was 15. But I always had my cats.”
And so he did until his death in 2012. Ptolemy – who was by his side when he died – lived with him in a house with a notice on the door that said: ‘The house is maintained entirely for the convenience of our cat.

In fact, given a choice between people and cats, Patrick would always choose cats; hence the title of his book.

Sir Patrick Moore on Cats really are nicer than people!

Patrick's books


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